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Marches Biogas chose us to create a series of eLearning modules that covered the core information surrounding the Anaerobic Digestion (AD) process. They were keen to find ways of bringing a complex and heavy subject matter to life to their audience of mainly AD novices. But as you can probably tell from the topic, it was far from a walk in the park… even for our team of experienced eLearning designers!

The Challenge

The specialists wanted eLearning that covered all the fundamental information linked to the efficient running of an AD plant but it presenting in a way in which the user remained engaged with the subject matter.

Anyone operating an AD plant aims to achieve maximum efficiency and the highest possible return on their investment, so there was lots of important information to get across within the eLearning. However, the main challenge was finding ways of making the content feel not too heavy and keep the end-user engaged; even if they work in the AD industry and find the subject matter fascinating!

Much of the existing information surrounding the AD process was originally presented in complex diagrams and this information needed to be deconstructed, repurposed and reimagined in a way that made the content clearer.

The Challenge

Our Solution

Firstly, we divided the umbrella topic of ‘Anaerobic Digestion’ into three individual modules: ‘An Introduction to Anaerobic Digestion’, ‘Inputs and Outputs’ and finally ‘Daily Operation’ - this was to keep the learning shorter, sharper and more focused for the end user.

We chose to build the modules in Adapt, an authoring tool which allows its design to be fully responsive and mobile friendly. Being able to offer this level of flexibility to the eLearning was important because many of the AD facilities are in rural areas with an on-going requirement for site operator presence. Having online modules which can be accessed via any device means that the training doesn’t have to be completed in a classroom.

We also produced videos and interactive activities throughout the modules to keep the learners engaged.

Our Solution
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