eLearning Design

Turning regular content into intuitive online learning


eLearning Design

Getting your eLearning design right is essential to engaging and retaining your learners. At First Media, we create contemporary, eye-catching visuals and turn regular content into intuitive online learning, learners enjoy and achieve measured results from.

The design needs to do a number of things to excite, engage and challenge your learners. It needs to take them on a journey of discovery using interesting and insightful ways of educating your learner on the subject matter. We do this through,

  • Video & photography
  • Animation & illustration
  • Simulations & fun scenarios
  • Gamification
  • Quizzes

Our courses are developed to be personalised to the learner with a number of learning pathways with varied content that responds to individual knowledge and understanding of each learner.  

We can also develop personalised learning using intelligent entry points. Intelligent entry points assess the learner’s requirements at the start through a series of short questions, then directs them on the most relevant pathway.

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