The fastest-growing Area Prospectus and Application system in the UK




Did you know that we’ve only gone and developed the fastest-growing Area Prospectus and Application system in the UK?

The eProspectus is an all-encompassing careers gateway which helped more than 50,000 young people search and apply for a college course in 2019/20.

It’s a user-friendly online platform (or ‘prospectus’) for local schools, colleges and training providers to promote their provisions as well as a place to host helpful career-related resources for young people.

For training providers and the Local Authorities, it offers easy processing and management of applications, extensive reporting tools and integrates

But it’s Common Application Process (CAP) has totally revolutionised the way for students to apply for the courses online. Young people can now complete applications themselves, in easily understandable and staged bitesize chunks which minimise errors. This new process has slashed the amount of time administrators are spending on duplicating, correcting and chasing applications.

The very first Local Authority to adopt the eProspectus was North East Lincolnshire back in 2008 and since then nine more have started using the software; including seven new authorities in the last 12 months. Also, in 2019, our popular Area Prospectus and Application system won an award for innovation for Education and Training at the Lincolnshire Tech awards, so the future is looking very exciting indeed!

If you’d like to know more about ‘eProspectus’, go to firstmedia.education and find out why it’s the fastest-growing Area Prospectus and Application system in the UK.


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