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There are several reasons why a company may consider a rebrand including…

  • reflecting changes in their business
  • to remain modern and competitive
  • to reach a new or more specific target audience

All of which involve a specialist approach from a graphic designer or graphic design agency. The process involves research and understanding of the business and its objectives or drivers for change. Understanding the culture and ethos of the organisation is key to creating the right design, using appropriate colours, fonts and style to reflect the client and target their audience effectively. 

Reflecting Changes in the Business

Changes in the business could be mergers, acquisitions or restructures. It could also be a change in direction for the business for example focussing on a particular area or strength within it or embracing a new product or service.

With mergers and acquisitions it may be that the original brand or in the case of mergers, both brands have deep connections with their existing customers which would be a risk to lose. However, the new owners or co-owners need their identity and connection to be reflected. It is important in this scenario to truly understand the culture behind the brand to know what would or wouldn’t work. In some cases, one brand may be stronger or better positioned to reach the intended audience, so why change it? If it is decided that the brands (in the case of a merger) are equal in value, a rebrand may be the right solution.

For some companies who offer multiple products and services it may be that they need a greater presence in one area of the business. In this scenario a company may consider a rebrand to give that area a push, making it stand out and hold its own against its competitors whilst maintaining the corporate identity.  

Remaining Modern & Competitive

Technology and globalisation make the market place more competitive than ever before. It is important that companies maintain their reputation but also that they are equipped to compete. Branding can be key to success but can become outdated, not only to the customers but also with the company’s vision. The brand needs to reflect the company and resonate with their target audience.

Reaching Your Target Audience

Leading fancy dress suppliers such as SMIFFY’s have played it right in terms of reaching their target audience.  Stepping away from the gimmicky jumble sale, clip art style and creating a brand that remains fun but modern and smart. This is carried through to their website, promotional literature and online presence.

Similarly, leading accountancies and solicitors who have adopted a less formal but smart style are reaping the rewards particularly with younger audiences and the future managers and MD’s of the world.

When Rebranding is a Bad Idea

Rebranding is a bad idea when…

  • a new MD just doesn’t like it
  • you are trying to correct a mistake
  • using it as a PR tactic
  • you need to spend some money to lower your tax bill

Once a brand has been established changes can be a real risk to customer loyalty and shouldn’t be made lightly. Research and evaluation should be carried out before any moves are made. If it is simply a matter of opinion without any evidence or a business case to support/justify the idea it could be a bad move.

In 2000 BP Oil tried to reposition itself as an environmentally considerate company, exchanging its shield logo for a green and gold sun – symbolic of its sustainable strategies. Many felt they were trying to be something they were not and in a way falsely advertising.  Following the catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico, when four million barrels of oil spread through the ocean, the company logo became farcical.


Your brand sets the precedence for the rest of your marketing and is pivotal to your success; Whatever industry or sector you work in your brand can truly define you, so it’s important to spend the time and money to get it right!

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