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Many top UK events companies believe that 2017 will be a year of opportunity. Following the countries vote to leave the EU, Brexit has lowered the value of sterling making us more appealing as a location to host international events and conferences. Attracting global brands and organisations will be a priority for marketing and sales. 

Once marketing teams have enticed big business to the UK it is our job as event organisers, venues, caterers and Audio Visual (AV) specialists to create an experience that makes them want to return year on year! So how do we create a stand out event that drives repeat business?

Creating a Stand Out Event

No doubt for some companies it will be a race to see who creates the most digitally immersive, visually impressive event. Developments in VR will lead to heightened visual experiences where the digital world blends with the real world for example we will see graphics being over-laying real world spaces! However, we should remember that some audiences will still prefer a more traditional approach with perhaps, increased interactive elements.

In general events will seek to stand out through,

  • Visual impact
  • Quality of content
  • Engagement
  • Personalisation

All leading to the delivery of a successful and memorable event.  

2017 will see an increase in methods of personalising events and creating ‘event experiences’ People are more keen to invest their time or money if they feel they will get something more than just a few hours out of the office! This mean the event has to appeal to them on a personal level. This is where content that speaks to the audience pre- during and post event combined with a good social media plan can boost sales and attendance.

Social Media

With plans underway for event tickets to be sold via Facebook, companies can offer a one stop shop from their Facebook page, a low cost, easily managed solution. Social media allows event organisers and marketers to talk directly to their fans and followers on a regular basis with notifications and direct messages going to the recipients mobile phone. It personalises the event with interaction at each stage. Pre-event posts and hashtags provide a direct news feed bringing the recipient updated information whilst promoting the event at the same time.  Pictures, posts and live streaming at the event give the audience something to talk about with their peers and colleagues whilst providing free publicity for the event hosts.

Instagram is fast becoming one of the favourite platforms for event organisers, with a higher click through rate than other channels and talks of live streaming coming soon to the platform it offers another low cost, easy to use promotional opportunity.

Whilst this is all great for publicity and customer relationships it comes with its challenges. With this level of audience participation for many venues their Wi-Fi connections simply can’t cope. For those who are well equipped with top internet speeds and bandwidth they are paying a premium for it. The events industry as a whole is hoping to see improved solutions from internet providers or the emergence of new companies who can deliver what they need at a reasonable cost.

Winning Repeat Business

As event organisers and AV specialists we have found that whatever external influences and changes are going on, a few things remain the same. Clients want a reliable service from a company they trust to deliver a seamless event.

“To be successful the AV team should be invisible to the audience, working tirelessly in the background to ensure that everything runs smoothly”

- Steve Howard, Events Co-ordinator First Media

This ethos should be maintained for any event whether it’s a small meeting for a local company or an international conference.

Repeat business is at the core of what we do, most of our work comes from delivering events on time, to budget and without mistake. Clients trust us to always go the extra mile to ensure the event is a success.

"The Referees’ Association has worked closely with First Media for many years they have always delivered an outstanding service, while some-times we have amend our needs at the last minute and nothing is ever a problem and is just dealt with in a professional manner and delivered on message and on-brand. We look forward to working with First Media in the future as they are an important partner to our organisation."

- Paul Field, Chairman of the Referees’ Association

We hope that 2017 will be a good year for events and hospitality and that we can help venues, businesses and brands to engage and interact with their customers through interesting and informative event experiences.

How We Can Help

We offer high quality holistic event experiences with event management and production services including;

  • Stage Design
  • AV
  • Video
  • Live Streaming
  • Marketing
  • Online Registration

For more information please view our events services or contact us to discuss your event requirements.

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