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Students See the Benefits of eLearning

University of Hull


Smarter Course Delivery

Hull University wanted a better way to deliver courses to a wider audience for part-time and full-time learners. We designed and developed bespoke eLearning that delivered fantastic results.

Course Delivery

The Engineering Department at the University of Hull wanted a better way to deliver courses to a wider audience for part-time and full-time learners. With more and more people studying from home and in the workplace, they needed content that learners could easily access and complete at their own pace.

Our team introduced the concept of the Flipped Classroom to the University. Flipped Classroom blends new online learning with classroom-based lectures.


We and built a dynamic HTML5 framework that took the best bits of traditional eLearning courses and combined them with the benefits of newer technologies. This provided a format that would work across all devices and could be easily expanded. We also created unique interactive exercises to check the students knowledge.

Sharing & Communication

To help create ongoing, easy methods of sharing information and communicating with tutors and peers, we integrated third party solutions. These included Dropbox and Skype to provide a fully connected training programme.


Working closely with Professors Dr Jim Gilbert and Dr Phil Rubini, we translated their expertise of engineering into a more eLearning friendly format, using video and 3D animation to demonstrate more complex topics.

Sharing & Communication

The Results

Over 75% of Learners preferred the new courses to traditional learning and over 88% benefited from taking the learning in their own time at home. Most of the learners said they liked the 'Flipped Classroom', with over 78% saying they would recommend it to a friend. 

Other comments from the learners included ‘Much easier to follow at your own pace’ and 'Easier to concentrate and take the material in through elearning'.

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