SAKS Online Learning e-Learning Induction Courses for Apprentices

The Challenge

SAKS Hair and Beauty wanted to present their Apprenticeship Induction course in a fun, engaging and interactive format. Aimed at young hairdressers, the course covers issues around Equality and Diversity, Employees’ rights and responsibilities, and future Career Pathways. These are all issues which apprentices need to be well informed about as they embark on their training, but some of the topics may seem dull and uninspiring to a young apprentice who’d much rather be doing something creative in the salon. The main challenge, therefore, was to produce course content that would connect with the learners within the context of their work environment. It had to be engaging and interactive, while at the same time assessing and recording the learner’s knowledge.


What We Did

We worked alongside the Educators at SAKS to create a series of short, visual courses which were brimming with interactivity and exciting learning activities. We wanted to ‘keep it real’, so used real-life case studies and imagery which the learner could empathise with. Geared towards a young, female audience, the visuals were bright and stimulating, and the text was friendly and engaging. Built using our own custom HTML5, SCORM framework, the modules were fully bespoke and also available across mobile, tablet and desktop.


The Results

The courses have been successfully rolled out to all SAKS Hair and Beauty Salons throughout the UK and have received a great response.

The online modules produced for us by First Media will really bring the learning to life for our Apprentices. Educators and Apprentices really love how interactive they are and how they can access them so easily via their mobile devices.

Mandy Durkin, National Training Manager, SAKS Apprenticeships

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