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Making Data Fun through Digital Learning

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Data Literacy Essentials


Using everyday scenarios to bring data to life

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service had identified a knowledge gap in their workforce and wanted to create a new digital learning package to improve understanding and awareness around the interrogation of data. This is part of the organisation’s strategy to empower employees to make more informed decisions through increased data transparency and better presentation of data, using PowerBi.

They chose First Media as their digital learning provider to work alongside them to develop the eLearning modules in a way that would engage the learner and help bring data to life.

Using everyday scenarios to bring data to life

Making Data Fun

Just by hearing the word ‘Data,’ some people instantly switch off and become disengaged. We wanted to change this perception and demonstrate how data can positively impact everyday life when used correctly. Using a mix of interactive activities, bespoke design, and real-life scenarios, we produced a course that demystifies the meaning of data and enables staff to implement their new skills.

Our team of eLearning designers and developers worked alongside the West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service to produce a fully bespoke course. The modules were centred around the learners, with tailored scripting, custom design, and illustrations.

We wanted the digital learning modules to have a light-hearted edge, with and upbeat, fun feel to inspire the learner. Going through the content, we wanted the learner to have a few ‘aha… I didn’t know that!’ moments, combined with ‘I can see how I could use that!’ which should give the user the confidence to have a go and embrace data.

Making Data Fun
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Accessible Learning

The course was made up of two modules: Data Literacy and Data Literacy Essentials. The first module helped learners familiarise themselves with data and how it fits into their daily lives, with the second module detailing the importance of data literacy in the workplace and the crucial role of good data literacy skills.

It was important that the course was accessible to all types of learners, keeping this in mind we chose Articulate Storyline as the authoring tool for this project as the slide-based screens make it perfect for screen reader and voice-over inclusion. This helped ensure that all learners understood and could interpret the content, making the modules accessible to all.

Accessible Learning

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