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Explaining the FA's Sin Bins Initiative

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Tackling behavioural change

We recently created an eLearning course for The FA on Sin Bins - their new initiative to tackle dissent in grassroots football.

Introducing Sin Bins

Sin Bins is a temporary dismissals scheme being introduced to grassroots football to tackle dissent and encourage behavioural change. The aims of the initiative are to improve player behaviour, referee retention and the overall match experience for everyone involved with the game. Early trials saw a 38 per cent reduction in dissent with the new disciplinary rule. As a result, Sin Bins was introduced across all levels of grassroots football ahead of the 2019-2020 season.

Introducing Sin Bins

Sin Bins Online Guide

Ahead of the launch, The FA needed a quick and simple way of educating those involved in the Sin Bins Initiative, delivering training on the rules and how it all works. Having used eLearning for other learning and development projects, The FA decided it was the best way to communicate the concept of Sin Bins to players, refs and match officials. The FA wanted their training program to ensure that the ethos, rules and structure of Sin Bin's was delivered consistently and in a way their learners would understand and engage with.

Sin Bins Online Guide
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Creating an Interactive Course

We take a creative approach to eLearning design, always finding ways to keep it fresh and make an impact! Having worked with The FA and other large sports organisations for over 20 years we know how to talk their language. We packed the course full of interactive elements including, flip cards, click and reveal, multiple-choice, Q&A and interactive video. This kept it lively, informative but also enabled knowledge checks, which is where the learner’s needed to get the answers right in order to move onto the next part of the course.

“We’re proud to be working with The FA, supporting them with their agenda for behavioural change on a national level! We created a fully interactive course that was broken into short, bitesize modules which would engage with growing, younger teams.”

Shane Traill | Director
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