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'Spotlight' Digital Learning Modules for Volunteers and Workforce

The National Trust


Using eLearning To Strengthen Staff & Volunteer Engagement

The 'spotlight' modules provide short, bite-sized learning to reinforce and consolidate the knowledge of the charity.

The Challenge

The National Trust recognises the pivotal role played by their dedicated staff and volunteers in the organisation’s remarkable success over the years. With a mission to enhance their reputation as the respected guardians of that nation’s treasured buildings and spaces, the National Trust wanted to emphasise the significance of their workforce. They came to First Media to help reinforce their core mission to both staff and volunteers, educating them on who the National Trust is, and how their values can be encompassed.

The Challenge

The Solution

Using Elucidat as the authoring tool, we set out creating Grow Support: an interactive series of 5 modules to help consolidate the knowledge of both staff and volunteers at the National Trust. As they already had a suite of webinar-style modules, it was essential that the content of these new spotlight modules weren’t duplicating key information. We pulled together the key takeaway points and delivered these in an engaging way for the learners, including timelines, interactive flip cards and knowledge checks. With bite-sized chunks of content, showcased in a fun and engaging way, staff and volunteers could easily navigate their way through the eLearning modules.  


The Solution
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The Results

As well as designing and developing these 5 spotlight modules to showcase the National Trust’s core values, we also created an animation to help showcase the key benefits of being a National Trust member. We worked to an incredibly tight deadline for this project, but the National Trust were delighted with the outcome and the modules are going to make a huge difference when it comes to training staff and volunteers within the charity.

The Results

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