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We worked with a prestigious company in the Aviation Industry to create custom-built eLearning courses to help them update their in-house safety training and bring it in line with modern expectations. Working collaboratively, we created four interactive and engaging stand-alone courses designed to set safety standards throughout the industry, all around the world.

The Challenge

  • Create a digital, competence-based approach to safety training
  • Make it interactive, engaging and immersive so that it can be delivered as a stand-alone course or embedded into a wider, blended learning solution
  • Training to be delivered across multiple sites and geographical locations for their Safety Managers

What we did

Working closely with the Aviation specialists, we created four bespoke eLearning modules to meet their specific training needs:

Safety Management Fundamentals explained the basic concepts Safety and how they apply to the Aviation industry.

A Managers Role in Safety was aimed at Managers who supervise and oversee the day-to-day activity.

The Safety Risk Management module introduced SRM and considered the manager’s responsibilities within this process.

In Creating and Maintaining Positive Safety Behaviours the user learns about the elements of safety culture, how you can begin to influence it and take action to begin the change process.

The Challenge

Our Solution

The client wanted the training to be delivered across multiple sites and geographical locations for their Safety Managers. So, we needed to create an eLearning design that could be easily adapted and customised for a global audience, but also for future projects.

Each module included many elements of interactive design to increase the chances of users engaging with the content. Hot Graphics presented information in a quirky way, while other parts of the course required the user to perform an action to unlock the next stage of the learning. The interactive layout also allowed the user the option to start their learning on whichever topic they preferred.

To explain some of the more complex parts of the training we used short and snappy custom animations accompanied with voiceover and informative diagrams. This technique is a good way of bringing parts of the course to life and we were really happy with the way they presented the information.


 Our Solution
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We also felt that it was important that the course looked more in line with Aviation company we were working with, so we opted for a more corporate-looking design with simple colour palates and clean and clear messaging.

Early trials of the Aviation Safety for Managers course have produced very positive feedback from senior management sponsors and learners. Our client is very eager to take this solution to a wide global client base and are excited about the impact this course will have on the Aviation Safety Management Industry!

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