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Whiteboard Explainer Video

Rugby Football Union


Rugby Football Union

The Rugby Football Union (RFU) needed a quick and simple method of explaining their core values, structures and relationship with the clubs to new staff and volunteers.

The Brief

The brief was to create a Whiteboard Explainer Video to be used for training and induction processes for the RFU regional clubs. The video needed to educate staff and volunteers about the RFU's values including teamwork, enjoyment, discipline and respect. With vast amounts of information to put across in minimal time the design needed to be informative, friendly and concise. 

What We Did

Working alongside the RFU we created a Whiteboard Explainer Video, using a combination of graphics and illustration to condense the information into a short easy to understand explanation of the RFU's structures, processes and core values. Working within the RFU brand guidelines and with the script they provided, we created the graphics and illustrations.

What We Did

The Challenge

The main challenge was to condense a high volume of information into short and simple guidance that was easy to understand and absorb. It was also to create characters that represented the inclusive ethos held by the RFU.

The characters we created were simple and purposefully non-descript in terms of race or religion and included a mixture of male and females. 


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