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Putting the ‘Great’ Into Made Great In Grimsby

Made Great In Grimsby


Website Design & Content Creation

We worked with Made Great In Grimsby to design and develop a website to showcase Grimsby's fish heritage and help tell the story of the world's largest seafood processing areas at the heart of our town.


The Brief

We have been quietly keeping something under wraps that we have been working on lately, and now it is live we can finally shout about it! Introducing ‘Made Great In Grimsby’...

Made Great In Grimsby is a new initiative, putting the town of Grimsby’s amazing fish onto the global map. The team of over 6,000 people are all devoted to ensuring the finest quality fish and seafood is sustainably farmed and available for millions of UK consumers.

As well as the finest local fish, Made Great In Grimsby import sustainable, fresh fish from the finest parts of the world. They are then processed and distributed to consumers all over the UK. The idea is to increase the number of consumers who are eating fish and seafood produced in Grimsby.

The Brief

How We Helped Bring This To Life

We were first contacted by Made Great In Grimsby to design and develop the new website to help bring their vision to life. Working closely with the client, we created a fresh, user-friendly, mobile optimised website that is easy to navigate. The black and white of the logo are the main feature colours used across the website, with the stunning teal colour bringing a bit of that ‘seaside’ feel into the design. 

Our in-house design team also crafted the graphics that you can see across the website from scratch, taking inspiration from the ocean and incorporating this within the designs. If you look closely you will see several shoals of fish weaving their way throughout the website. 

Whilst text is important on a website, it is often much easier to use infographics to display more complex information in a more digestible format. We did exactly that to explain the supply chain clusters, showing how the 3 separate areas of the supply chain work in harmony, resulting in the finest seafood products being produced.

How We Helped Bring This To Life
First Media Website Enquiry
First Media

A new enquiry has been submitted on the website via Putting the ‘Great’ Into Made Great In Grimsby case study:






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A passion for a Greater Grimsby

Born and bred in the heart of Grimsby, our director Shane Traill is passionate about the regeneration and development of the town and sees the Made Great in Grimsby brand as a key part of this. After a few conversations with Simon, we had a clear vision about how we could develop the brand, and how the website could support this. We were keen to embrace the culture and character of the area, whilst also telling the great story of how Grimsby is still at the heart of the fishing industry worldwide.


Bringing the local community closer is what us Grimbarians do, which is why we enlisted the help of Chris Waud, expert local photographer to deliver the website photography. He really helped to bring the docks of Grimsby to life, capturing the passion that the local fishmongers have.

A key feature within the design and development of this website was to not only promote the fantastic array of seafood within Grimsby, but also encourage consumers to get creative in the kitchen too. We created a cook-a-long section featuring 5 local celebs in their own kitchens.



This video series was made in collaboration with Steven Bennett, who is commonly referred to as ‘The Lincolnshire Chef’. Not only is he well known for his expert culinary skills, he is a Seafish Industry Authority ‘Love Seafood’ Seafood Champion, and owns Healing Manor Hotel. A beautiful wedding venue, restaurant & hotel set in the stunning Lincolnshire countryside.


Here is a testimonial from the client, giving his view on how the project went:

It's been a great experience working with Shane and his team to design and launch this website. They took on board the brief and nailed it first time with the design and content.

Simon Dwyer, CEO at Seafox Management Consultants Limited.

A passion for a Greater Grimsby

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