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Prevention Is Key: Breast Cancer UK

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Bespoke eLearning and Interactive Quiz

The latest big project we are extremely excited to tell you about is some work for the charity Breast Cancer UK, to help them raise awareness for Breast Cancer Prevention.


How We Got Involved

Throughout the week there will be various webinars, interviews and masterclasses. The week will also host a 20th birthday skydive. Check out the full schedule here Prevention Week | Breast Cancer UK

After a competitive tender process, we were delighted to be chosen by Breast Cancer UK to become their partner in developing a series of new eLearning and virtual training materials. They required a new, interactive awareness tool to help educate women and men on the topic of breast cancer. Our approach was to develop the Prevention Hub, which combines a quiz, personalised action plan and interactive iGuides.

How We Got Involved

Innovative eLearning Modules

For Breast Cancer Prevention week, we developed two modules. The idea of the first module, Everyday Life was to educate people about the risks and myths associated with breast cancer, as prevention really is the best cure. For a topic that can be hard to talk about, it was important that this module was designed in a clear, concise way that can give people advice and tips on how to reduce their risk of getting breast cancer.

The second module was focused on Chemicals & the Environment, which goes into detail about some of the hidden dangers we are regularly exposed to which can contribute to the risk of getting breast cancer.

Both modules had a fresh, clean design based on Breast Cancer UK’s branding. Built on our own bespoke framework, the modules included scroll cards, custom illustrations, and interactive hotpots to give users small, important snippets of information that is easy to read. We also added in some interactive True/False questions and displayed some common statistics hidden behind cue cards.

 Innovative eLearning Modules
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Personalised, goal based eLearning

There are many misconceptions about breast cancer and how it can be prevented, so Breast Cancer UK asked us to design and develop a prevention quiz. It isn’t just about what is visible to the naked eye with this quiz, there is a lot going on behind the scenes too. This bespoke series of questions and answers uses First Media’s very own framework, and the results are then linked into the CRM eTapestry which Breast Cancer UK use. Helping to make their marketing processes more streamlined, as well as ensuring they are sending out useful information to those in need.



Designed for a diverse audience, the prevention quiz is very complex as the next question a user is asked is based on their response to the previous question. This required some extensive planning from both Breast Cancer UK and the team at First Media to ensure the information each user sees is tailored to them individually. We were extremely pleased with the finished result, as well as the modules we created and can’t wait to see them in action. Let’s help to get that number of quiz completions up!




Social Media + Marketing

In addition to building the eLearning content, we also designed social media assets for Breast Cancer UK to promote the Prevention Hub.




I'm thrilled that First Media's creativity has enabled us to personalise and bring breast cancer prevention to life in such an accessible and innovative way. We gave them a challenging brief which was large in scope, tight on time and outside the box of traditional eLearning. The result, a new Prevention Hub that will help grow and inform a wider community to put prevention first by using our new Quiz, Prevention Planner and interactive iGuides. 

Thalie Martini, CEO, Breast Cancer UK.

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