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Over 100 Micro Learning modules for Biobest



Making Learning Digital

The First Media team popped on our scientist goggles for this recent eLearning project for Belgium company, Biobest Group. The client came to us with over 120 PowerPoints that our team converted into interactive Articulate Rise modules.


Creative micro-learning content

BioBest Group are a global organisation focusing on sustainable crop management throughout the world. With an international customer base, they wanted to convert their existing product knowledge materials into an interactive, engaging format that could be easily translated across a number of languages. 

Articulate Rise

For this project, we decided that Articulate Rise would be the best software to use. It is the perfect solution for creating mobile-responsive content, as it seamlessly adapts to any device the learner is using and can be easily translated. In total, we created a whopping 120 modules (in a very short time frame, which again was another tick in the box for using Articulate Rise). 

Creative micro-learning content

Engaging The Learners

The modules covered a variety of topics including Bumblebee Pollination, Tomato Growing and Pests/Diseases... it was a great opportunity for us to learn more about the world of veterinary virology that’s for sure! 

Modular and flexible

The content was created in a modular way that allowed the client to create bespoke pathways in Learn Upon LMS. By including lots of interactive elements such as flip cards, animation, drag & drop questions and more, we managed to liven up each subject. Our approach provided a range of benefits including:

  • Interactive and engaging learning
  • Easily updateable for the BioBest team to maintain in the future
  • Translation to other languages

We are extremely proud of the finished result, and are always on the lookout for exciting projects like this one.



Engaging The Learners
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A whole range of modules

These new modules significantly improved the engagement of the learners, and the knowledge check sections also helped to consolidate their learning. By using a series of different activities we were able to truly engage the learner. 




Custom eLearning Modules

Take a look at the snippet below from one of the units created in Articulate Rise.  




If you would like any more information about the bespoke eLearning solutions that we can create, why not pop in for a coffee or give us a call on 01507 607783.


Working with First Media has been both productive and rewarding for all the team at the Biobest Academy. The quality of the courses they have helped us to produce have raised our training materials to a new level and internal feedback from our students has been amazing. The First Media team are professional, but friendly and easily accessible. The clarity with which they explained processes, the speed at which they reacted to our questions, and the overall management of the project has made the process of creating our e-learning courses run incredibly smoothly. 

Neal Ward, Biobest Academy, Biobest Group NV, Belgium. 

A whole range of modules

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