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Livening Up GDPR For University Workforce

University of Warwick


Learning About GDPR & Information Security Management

The Clock Was Ticking

GDPR is renowned for being a very serious topic, and the brief for this eLearning module was to make it as interactive as possible. Quite a challenging combination, but of course the team at First Media pulled it off. Working to an incredibly tight deadline, we used Articulate Storyline to create this GDPR module which also featured a voiceover throughout.

The University of Warwick provided us with the GDPR content in the form of a PowerPoint presentation, which we condensed into an interactive, quality learning experience. In order to confirm that the academic staff understood the content within the eLearning module, we also added a test section at the end of the module, comprising of 10 questions.

The Clock Was Ticking

Extra Instructional Design

As part of this project we used our instructional design knowledge and skills to create a learning experience that was effective and met the needs of the learners. All whilst adopting specific branding that the University of Warwick provided us with.

The PowerPoint provided us with the foundations for the eLearning module, but as the project progressed sections were added and removed to ensure the content was up-to-date. Our experienced team were quick to adapt and show flexibility in terms of designing and developing the eLearning module.

Some of the key features included:

  • Integration of a voiceover piece throughout the module
  • Interactive swatch cards to give learners snippets of information
  • Important definitions behind padlocks to tie in with the security theme
  • Key message sections displaying integral information

Extra Instructional Design
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SCORM Compliant

As this eLearning module was for a university, SCORM compliance was incredibly important. This is a collection of standards and specifications for web-based eLearning, and as part of this project we created completed SCORM files for the university. Allowing them to upload the eLearning module to their internal LMS seamlessly and easily monitor the progress of each learner.


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