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Flexible eLearning course for Key Stage 1 and 2 teachers

Kinetic Letters


Digital learning for teachers

We recently designed an eLearning course for Kinetic Letters to upskill Key Stage 1 and 2 teachers so they can help young children to improve their handwriting skills. Kinetic Letters’ original course was highly sought after, and they hoped to achieve a digital training solution which would allow their programme to be delivered flexibly and in multiple locations.

The Challenge

Kinetic Letters wanted to turn their face-to-face training into an eLearning course that could be utilised in two contrasting settings – in a classroom delivered to EYFS KS1 and KS2 teachers as well as individually. The innovative training programme developed and expertly delivered by Margaret Williamson is already a real success story and is in high demand with primary schools all over the UK. Kinetic Letters wanted to find a way to deliver the training in multiple locations without losing a very important part of the training – Margaret’s engaging delivery.


The project history

The handwriting training was being delivered from a handbook, packed full of information, instructions and illustrations about how to improve a young person’s ability to write. One of the biggest challenges we faced was finding a way of staying true to the fantastic content Margaret had developed over the last two decades, while also making it the right length and complexity for eLearning.

The Challenge

Our Solution

alt textThe team worked closely with Margaret to bring her vision to life. Working in collaboration during a pandemic meant spending many hours on Zoom, thrashing out all of the content so the eLearning captured the essence of their face-to-face training.


The tool

Using the authoring tool Articulate Storyline, we developed an engaging four-part eLearning course that could be used both in a classroom setting and for individual learning. The interactive functionality included beautifully illustrated animations which explained some of the more abstract aspects of the training material, videos of demonstrations, inspiring case studies and activities which encourage the user to stay engaged throughout. We were able to actually embed Margaret within the course by including videos of her introducing each of the main modules and Margaret also provides the voiceover and essentially acts as the narrator of the training! 

Our Solution
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The Impact

The eTraining has been extremely well received in schools up and down the UK since September 2020. Schools can train all their staff (both teachers and support staff) throughout the year and can also use the training material for revision and refreshing teaching. Users can access the training from school or home and can repeat any element of a module as often as they wish. Moving the training online has helped Kinetic Letters to expand their offering in the UK and overseas. 

alt text“First Media were the right partner for us; they had a good track record, they had produced training material in the past, they understood our requirements and their budget and timetable were realistic. They were particularly good at suggesting different ways in with the technology could be used to convey ideas and material using a full palate of text, graphics, videos, voice-over, games, quizzes, testing and so on, to ensure learners were fully engaged. We will be doing further projects with First Media and are very happy to recommend them without reserve."

Margaret Williamson, Chief Executive, Kinetic Letters.

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