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Increasing enrolments at a Sixth Form College

Franklin College


Raising Franklin College's profile

Franklin College wanted us to breathe new life into their existing website and social media platforms with the overall aim of raising the college’s profile across Northern Lincolnshire.

They understood that they needed to find new ways of engaging with their target audience and boost the number of people enrolling on a course, and they were keen to explore different marketing channels, platforms and products to achieve this.

Updating the Website

First, the First Media team re-designed franklin.ac.uk, so it more accurately reflected the college’s own unique personality and culture. We chose to use real photos of students and the college because we wanted the site to feel authentic. Stylistically, we wanted the layout and structure to be similar to social media so it looked familiar and inviting to the students. We displayed the latest news, information and updates as a title effect on the homepage because the format looked like the grid on Instagram. The website was also designed with mobile in mind, making it fast, responsive and visible on any devise.

Integration with Local Area Prospectus

The website was already integrated with the online area prospectus for North East Lincolnshire, lincs2.co.uk, meaning that Franklin College's staff benefit from a range of time-saving features and a full online  application system. Find out more about our eProspectus software by visiting firstmedia.eduction/what-is-eprospectus.  

Updating the Website

#MoreThanAClassroom Campaign

It was important for Franklin College to have an attractive website, but the key to increasing the number of students enrolling on courses depended on how well the college presented itself online and connected with its target market. Working with their marketing team, we devised the #MoreThanAClassroom’ campaign to raise awareness of courses and the enriching life experience you can get from attending Sixth Form at Franklin.

Raising Awareness

Our team designed a logo for the campaign and created themed graphics, gifs and videos for targeted adverts used across social media to raise awareness and increased the overall the amount of traffic to their website. In addition, we also came up with the concept and designed a retro newspaper to showcase at events and give a flavour of what life at a forward-thinking college is like. The campaign has resulted in Franklin College’s “best application to enrolment figures in years”.

#MoreThanAClassroom Campaign
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“We have a really positive working relationship with First Media. It’s not just been a case of increasing the amount of content we put out on our social media – it’s been a more effective and targeted use. That’s where they’ve really helped us. In terms of the impact that the work has had, First Media has worked to really pull forward how we present ourselves as a powerful voice in our community. And the proof in the pudding has been an over recruitment of 150 students in 2019 against a flat demographic. So, the only way is up!”

Peter Kennedy | Principle
Franklin College

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