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We began our work producing Log on Move on for Lincolnshire, North and North East Lincolnshire councils together with the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), colleges and training providers who commissioned an Area Prospectus. From there our work has grown, producing similar prospectuses for Hull & Humber, with many more projects and enquiries booked in. 


Online Prospectus & CAP

Working with our clients, we designed and developed a series of online prospectuses making life easier for educators and training providers to promote their courses online.

Our eProspectuses are designed to ensure the data is always up-to-date using a CAP system (Common Application Process). More than a basic online prospectus, our eProspectus format has evolved to include...

  • Course finder
  • CV Writer
  • Employability Passport
  • Social Wall
  • Employers section 
  • Mobile responsive working seamlessly on any device.

Online Prospectus & CAP

The Benefits

For training providers and the Local Authorities, the system offers streamlined processing and management of applications which reduces workloads, saving valuable time. It also offers extensive reporting tools and integrates with Management Information Systems (MIS).

For prospective students they can submit multiple applications without having to enter the information each time on multiple sites. The eProspectus offers them an opportunity to really explore the courses available in the local area, enabling them to compare what’s on offer and make informed decisions.

For all parties, the eProspectus is beneficial showcasing the area, speeding up application processes and increasing the chances of retention once the students are enrolled.

The Benefits

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