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Veterinary CPD eLearning course

Bespoke elearning for vets, covering a range of challenging and sensitive topics. We designed and developed a training portal and the first in a series of online training courses for Forensic Access.


The Challenge

We were commissioned by Forensic Access, who provide world-class forensic science support for the criminal justice system and high-quality advice for defence solicitors, providing design and development for their online training portal and eLearning course. The course, Vet CPD is designed to support Veterinary Professionals, explaining the forensic process and preparing them for potential involvement in animal abuse cases. 

Our Solution

Working alongside the Forensic Access team, we created the portal and LMS to host a range of eLearning courses. Then we set to work creating the Veterinary CPD. The course consists of 8 modules covering everything from animal welfare concerns to scene examination and external referrals. The modules contained sensitive issues including disturbing images and scenarios. As a professional company we understood the importance of designing and developing the modules with sensitivity and due diligence.

We worked closely with Forensic Access from concept to completion supporting them with, the script, illustration, video, photography and more! Using Adapt framework we created a fully responsive learning platform with interactive problem-solving activities and real-life scenarios. 

Our Solution
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The Results

We created a modern platform for Forensic Access to host their elearning for vets and condensed what can be heavy material into bite-size learning, making it more accessible for learners. The online training has been a success with the client and participants alike...

"The presentation style and format with a mix of text, photos, videos, questions, etc. keeps attention focused and aids learning" "...Without this course, I did not know how much I did not know."

“My experience of working with First Media has been fantastic! They exceeded expectations and were incredibly responsive, despite the size of the project and the deadline for delivery. We’ve been so impressed we have already started work on developing more courses with First Media.”

Dr. Samantha Pickles | Lead Forensic Scientist
Forensic Access

The Results

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