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North Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group


Bespoke eLearning for The NHS

Creating a seamless journey between primary and secondary care, this eLearning course was designed to educate staff on the best clinical service practices & processes.

The Brief

This eLearning course was created to help to save the NHS valuable time and money. By reducing the knowledge gap between primary and secondary care workers, the two were able to work in closer harmony. Allowing for a smoother transition for patients and better clinical care overall.

The Primary & Secondary care interface that we developed for the North Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group (NLCCG) was centred around improving the consistency of learning for NHS staff. By having one dedicated portal, staff were able to access the same level of training as one another.

The Brief

Interactive Learning Experience

Using realistic scenarios, users are guided through the varying stages of a patient journey. Helping to identify the boundaries of responsibility for patient care between primary and secondary care. Whilst the learning outcomes had to be in line with the NHS’s strict guidelines, our team unleashed their creative flair to turn this learning experience into an engaging and memorable one.

The get across the learning goals, we used a variety of techniques to consolidate the process:

  • Fast-paced eLearning content, designed to be completed in 20 minutes. 
  • A mix of activities, including hot-pins, quiz questions, etc.
  • Self-reflection for the learner to improve.
  • All activities must be completed for the user to record their progress.

Interactive Learning Experience
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Added Creativity

Within the managing patient care modules, you may have noticed the unhappy patient Peter Brown, who was in fact our very own creation. By having a character within the journey, learners were able to resonate and connect with the core messages being taught.

Innovative Software

Creating a visually eye-catching design was incredibly important for this project, in order to get across serious messages in an engaging way. Designed for modern devices, we used the authoring tool Adapt for this project in order to give our creative team the freedom to add highly interactive elements to the eLearning course. With integrated tracking completion status, this also allows the NLCCG to clearly identify who hadn’t finished the course.


It has been a creative and exciting experience to work with First Media team to develop our e-module. The completed product is user friendly, engaging, and easy to navigate. The team has been easily accessible, flexible and have always accommodated last minute changes or adaptations. I would highly recommend them for their services. 

Dr Satpal Singh Shekhawat, Medical Director.

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