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Health and Safety training for Apprentices

We created a bespoke eLearning course in Adapt Builder for EAL, as a resource for their online platform Engineering Talent. The tool has been designed to attract, retain and train those wanting to be a part of the Engineering and Manufacturing industries.

Engineering Talent is an online platform specifically designed for those wanting to be a part of the Engineering and Manufacturing industries. Designed specifically by those with a passion for the sector, and used from new entrants to time served, from OEM's to SMEs, educators to those looking for a new challenge. It is a tool to attract, retain and train the brightest stars for the workforce and for the UK Economy.

The Challenge

EAL approached us to develop a new course for Engineering Talent called ‘Working Safely in an Engineering Environment’, for apprentices aged between 16 and 25 years old. The course needed to include 15 different topics covering a broad range of basic competencies, such as information about safe working practices and procedures.

Given the importance of the subject matter in all the topics and the fact that the learning is designed for young people, it was vital to devise ways to bring the learning material to life and make sure that the intended messages get across to a younger audience.

And in addition to utilising interactive eLearning design to make the course engaging, EAL also required a way of measuring the learners’ subject matter knowledge after completing the course.

The Challenge

Our Solution

We built an attractive eLearning course, full of interactive design methods and techniques, using Adapt Builder.

EAL had a tonne of important information to get across in this course, but we had to find ways of making the learning not feel too heavy. So, we encouraged users to engage with the content as often as possible by interacting with components such as flash cards, narratives, pop quizzes and activities. This simple yet effective use of design really helped to break up the learning into palatable bite-sized chunks and make it much more interactive.

In several of the modules, including ‘Who is responsible?’, ‘Safe working practice’ and ‘Identifying poor practice’ we devised workplace-based scenarios to test the user’s knowledge on various subjects. And within these scenarios we used illustrated characters because illustration can often bring abstract situations to life in a way that words struggle to.

EAL also needed a way to prove that users are reading and understanding the learning material, as well as displaying competence in the subject itself. So, we designed the course that ensured the user completed each section before progressing to the next page and then included a multiple-choice knowledge check at the end of the course.

The course was SCORM compliant and has been uploaded to Engineering Talent.

Our Solution
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“First Media’s experience of creating interactive learning materials for apprentices on the topic of Health and Safety was extremely valuable for this project. The interactive scenarios and quizzes are both engaging and educational and First Media went the extra mile to ensure the final product was exactly right.”

Bonita Searle-Barnes | Learning Resources Specialist

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