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Creating An Immersive Visitor Centre

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Creating A Stimulating Visitor Centre

We are incredibly excited to introduce to you the amazing Ørsted visitor centre. Not only did we provide the full concept for these innovative learning zones, we coordinated the furniture design, build & installation as well as the flooring installation. This enabled us to bring the full vision to life.

Transforming Wind Energy Education

This was an exceptional project to work on, and we were delighted to help turn Ørsted’s visions into reality. A lot of the eLearning work we carry out is centred around learning and education, so we knew exactly what would help school students to be inspired to have a career in Wind Energy at Ørsted. The initial brief was to create the following:

  • An engaging, stimulating and memorable experience
  • Communicate the work that Ørsted does and provides
  • Raise awareness of the careers and roles available at Ørsted

So, how did we achieve all of that? We are glad you asked, let’s get into it!

Transforming Wind Energy Education

Interactive Zones

The space that we had in the Orsted building was a large room that overlooked both the offshore Wind Farm and the Grimsby Dock Tower, so we wanted to incorporate those within the design. By dividing the room into 3 interactive zones, this would create opportunities for various activities for around 10 students to interact with whilst on their visit. The zones included:

Zone 1: Storyline - Construction to Operation. Featuring a corner model display, VR booth, wind to electricity simulator, and touchscreen kiosk.

Visitors are met with a fully interactive touchscreen kiosk that overlooks the dock tower. Whilst looking out at the historic view, visitors can also explore the following:

  • Interactive features about the wind turbines
  • Games aimed at children to help increase their knowledge
  • Information about wind farms
  • Profiles of jobs at Ørsted

Zone 2: Interactive Zone. Utilising the natural skylight, an interactive touchscreen wall, and a centre piece model.

This 55” touchscreen with 32 point touch is an excellent way to give students an insight into the world of renewable energy. By providing scientific information in engaging ways, this will help them retain and absorb the information they are viewing.

Zone 3: Timeline & Lookout to Wind Farm. Featuring a touchscreen video wall and a telescope booth to look out onto the wind turbines.

Interactivity was key with this project so anywhere we could, touchscreen elements were integrated to allow for a highly engaging learning experience. As soon as visitors enter Zone 3 they are captivated by a large interactive touchscreen wall displaying an interactive timeline of Ørsted’s development.


Interactive Zones
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Interactive Augmented Reality (AR) App

Ørsted wanted to provide visitors with an immersive experience, which is why we thought an AR experience would be the perfect solution. We developed an AR app that enabled visitors to delve into a 3D world, viewing operating wind farms from outside of the Earth’s atmosphere. We used this form of digital learning to educate visitors about how a wind turbine works, what it is like living on a boat like some of the staff at Ørsted do, and a fun game of higher or lower.

Interactive touchscreens and immersive models

An educational learning project wouldn’t be complete without bespoke eLearning modules, so as part of the project our team developed:

1. A simulating, interactive model showing how an entire city can be lit up with wind energy.
2. Custom wind turbines for visitors to interact with on the AR app.

We wanted to bring the centrepiece wind turbine model to life, so using AR visitors are able to use the tablets provided to see inside the wind turbine model itself. An incredible way to physically bring a structural model to life!

Interactive Augmented Reality (AR) App

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