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Promoting behavioural change in football

How we created an engaging course that addresses the issues surrounding betting for The FA.

The Challenge

The FA wanted a short eLearning course producing that raises awareness of the potential risks associated with betting-related integrity.

After several recent high-profile cases, the aim of the eLearning was to educate young players about betting rules, max-fixing and inside information, before they encounter any situations in their career.

As the course is aimed at young players within the academy systems of professional clubs, the FA wanted the content to be engaging to increase the chances of the information embedding within the user.

The Challenge

Our Solution

To really bring to life the severity of betting and match-fixing as a player, we used lots of video case studies of footballers who have broken the rules. Having footage of the footballers telling their stories, in their own words, we think, acts as a powerful deterrent.

We also included a lot of bespoke illustration within the course because we felt that simulated scenarios would be a good way of putting the user in certain situations. And the beauty of scenarios is that there is no consequence to the decisions they make, unlike real life of course.

Another thing we did was present the information in bite-sized segments. Keeping a young audience engaged throughout a whole course is difficult but keeping the content light and user-friendly helps.

Our Solution
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“Throughout the entire process, from our initial scoping meeting through the design phase, I found the team easy to work with and extremely attentive. First Media have once again produced a high quality online learning solution, which will enable us to have a much wider reach for our education programme.”

Rob Sutcliffe
The FA

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