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Respect in the Workplace: The Big Idea

Group 1 Automotive


Everyone Should Be Treated With Respect

Group 1 Automotive, a global car dealership, wanted to produce an engaging digital learning module to raise awareness around equality and diversity to create a more inclusive workspace.


Highly Interactive Experience

Group 1 Automotive really liked the creative approach that First Media take to eLearning, and envisioned how this could be embraced for a new initiative 'The Big Idea'. As part of the project we produced the following:

  • Custom opening animation to introduce ‘The Big Idea’
  • Illustrated scenarios to highlight different situations in the workplace
  • Fully bespoke eLearning module, built using our own HTML5/CSS3 FM Framework

Unlike your typically boring eLearning content, we used a mix of interactive content including self evaluation, quizzes, illustrations, flip cards and more to bring this topic to life. The idea was to create an eLearning experience that was very different from their traditional content, and the introduction of characters helped create a highly engaging eLearning experience.


Highly Interactive Experience

Bespoke equality and diversity eLearning

To engage with a wide audience, from mechanics to admin staff, we wanted the module to feel upbeat and fresh. With minimal branding, we had 'carte blanche' to design a visual interface that would engage the learner and encourage them to work through the content.  

By incorporating brighter, pastel colours it helped to tell the story in a light-hearted way that the learner would empathise with. The colour scheme also helped to improve readability of the content to meet accessibility guidelines and ensure that the module was truly inclusive for all. 

Tracking of the users' progress in the module has also helped Group 1 Automotive to identify any areas of the organisation that would benefit from 'The Big Idea' initiative. 

We just loved working with Group 1 Automotive on this project, and if you are looking to upgrade your traditional eLearning then why not give us a call.

Bespoke equality and diversity eLearning
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Animation + Illustration

Our team used custom animation and illustration to communicate they key messages in an effective way for the audience.



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From start to finish everyone at First Media was helpful and great to work with. The design is fresh, easy to use and visually attractive. We couldn’t be happier with the end result. 

Katie Nichols, Group 1 Automotive.

Animation + Illustration

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