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Last week the Chancellor announced new investment in digital skills distance learning courses.

“Today, my Right Honourable Friend the Education Secretary and I are launching an historic partnership, between government, the CBI and the TUC – to set the strategic direction for a National Retraining Scheme.

Its first priority will be to boost digital skills and to support expansion of the construction sector.

And to make a start immediately, we will invest £30 million in the development of digital skills distance learning courses, so people can learn wherever they are, and whenever they want.

And I am pleased to be able to accept the representation I have received from the TUC to continue to fund UnionLearn, which I recognise as a valuable part of our support to workplace learning.”

Those who know us as a company will know how passionate we are about education. They will know we've won awards for innovation, producing digital and eLearning support for schools, apprenticeship programmes, universities and the workplace. We’ve worked alongside The Department for Education, and training providers, to create eLearning web design and online prospectuses. All of which have been a huge success for learners and training providers alike, boosting engagement and producing measurable outcomes from, students, apprentices, athletes and staff.

Whilst it’s not yet fully clear how the funding will be allocated and how to apply, we wanted to put out there that we can support you with distance and online learning as well as other digital projects you may have in mind for 2018.

Why Consider Elearning?

There is so much that goes into creating a valuable and successful eLearning course. From the scripting to the choice of media and eLearning techniques. Done right it can be a useful tool to support existing training and process. It’s modern, dynamic and flexible, perfect for the way people learn these days.

With over 70% over people engaging with video content more regularly than any other method eLearning courses offer a multi-media, multifunctional approach. Good eLearning courses are media rich and created to adapt to the user. This makes the learner journey personal and bespoke. Online learning can offer a variety of resources and can apply a range of techniques. One of our favourites is gamification- a gaming technique that recognises and rewards achievement. This can be done with badges, certificates and accreditation. What’s great is that it can be done at the learner’s own pace and in their own time. It can be measured and analysed giving HR and manager’s insight and peace of mind.

We’ve worked with fab clients including SAKS Hair and Beauty, The International Olympics Committee, Hull University and many more to create and deliver high impact, versatile eLearning courses.

Why Us?

We’ve been doing this for over 20 years. We constantly evolve our technology and techniques to create on-trend, dynamic and useful courses. We know how to communicate to a variety of audiences, adapting our tone, style and content accordingly. We…

  • listen to our client’s needs
  • create bespoke courses with personalised learning
  • tell the story using video, animation, illustration and photography, copy, quizzes and more!
  • use SCORM compliant software
  • have world class experience and proven success rates
  • tailor our services to meet your budget and timescale

If you are considering an online learning or digital project in 2018 we would love to help. We work with companies and organisations throughout the UK and would be happy to provide a free demonstration and consultation. For more info please contact us.

Get in touch, we’d love to chat

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