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Producing an interactive eLearning module on Identity

The Premier League & LFE


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We built an interactive module on ‘Identity’ for The Premier League and League Football Education with the aim of raising awareness of an important topic with young footballers across the English game.


The Challenge

This was a very important topic that both organisations needed to address. Recently, there had been many high-profile incidents surrounding footballers struggling to make the transition to ‘normal life’ after retirement or a career-ended injury. This training course was written to promote the notion to young footballers that being a footballer is far from being their sole identity.

To design course, The Premier League and LFE required the support of an eLearning specialist who, not only had experience collaborating with high-profile sporting organisations, but also knew how to create engaging material for their target audience.

Although the majority of the target audience falls within the ‘teenager’ bracket, the audience also includes children who’d just been signed by an academy and young adults who were on the fringes of the senior squad. So, the way the information was presented had to be relatable to a broad demographic. We also had to consider how to make the module accessible to everyone; given that it would be rolled out across all the English academies, to teenagers of different ethnic, cultural, economic and academic backgrounds.

The Challenge

Our solution

We essentially produced two seperate online courses from the content - one which included The Premier League's distinctive branding and the other in LFE's. 

For the bigger eLearning design task, we knew that we needed to simplify the information to make it accessible to everyone and find ways of making the subject matter relatable to the users. The audience had a broad range of academic abilities, so we broke up much of the heavy, academic material into short, palatable sections that the teenagers could easily digest the information in manageable chunks. We also included several engaging interactive activities that got the user thinking about the subject. 

To further lighten the learning experience and make the content more engaging, we included bespoke illustrations, animation and gifs. We created a character called Sam who featured in a series of short animations and graphics because we felt that the audience would relate to Sam. By putting him in specific situations, we felt that it would bring certain aspects of the subject to life. We also produce a gif that displayed a mobile phone with a text message because we thought that kind of scenario would resonate with young people. As an extra resource, we included case studies about other aspiring footballers who had struggled with their identities beyond football as a downloadable PDF. 

Take a look at the modules we created for The Premier League and League Football Education

Our solution
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“The module is creative, modern and visually sharp. It has brought a complex subject to life in a simple but effective way. The content has been sensibly broken down into bitesize sections without disturbing the flow. The animations and activities are bespoke to the meet the needs of our learners and it will undoubtedly connect because it accurately reflects and represents their world, today.”

Simon Williams
League Football Education

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