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eLearning for Premier League Scholars

Premier League


Interactive eLearning for Footballers

The Premier League aim to provide world-class education via inspirational and innovative teaching with its own Education Department. They wanted to use eLearning to educate their students on, equality and diversity and health and safety and anti-doping.

The Brief

The Premier League Elite Academy were keen to create eLearning modules to help educate academy students on key areas of wellbeing and compliance including:

Anti-doping – information on performance-enhancing drugs, what they are, why they’re banned and the possible side effects.

Equality and diversity – what equality and diversity mean and the differences between them including, age, gender, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation, disability pregnancy and maternity, marriage and civil partnership, gender reassignment.

Health and safety - attitudes towards health and safety and who’s responsible for what and potential hazards.

What We Did

The Premier League saw the eLearning we created for the LFE and liked what we did. Using the framework from the LFE modules, we adapted and customised the course, re-scripting and rebranding to create a new bespoke product for The Premier League. Having produced high-end eLearning for a variety of clients with many projects aimed at young people, we know what works. The key to keeping learners focussed is to make the modules bitesize and interactive with lots of different media packed in.

For this eLearning course, we used comic book style illustrations, straight forward language, video and knowledge checks throughout with, large fonts and vibrant design. Knowledge checks can be used at the end of each section and can be drag and drop, multiple choice or question and answer.

Learners can earn badges of achievement for completing various sections of each module, a technique used in the gaming industry to encourage and inspire players to play on and in eLearning for learners to learn more.

All our courses are designed to be SCORM compliant meaning they will work with any LMS. This means tutors and training managers can access the data and monitor the progress their learners and students are making.

What We Did

The Results

We worked alongside the Premier League to create, easy to use, engaging modules to support The Premier Leagues Education Department.

After testing, the product was successfully rolled out across the academy.

The Results

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