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Creating family friendly, inclusive environments are high on the agenda in the sports community. We worked with the EFL to design and deliver their Disabled Supporters Conference and Accessible Supporters Guide.

Working with the EFL

We enjoy a great working relationship with the English Football League (EFL). Over the years we've worked alongside them to produce conferences, training, printed materials and bespoke projects. The most notable has been supporting them to promote inclusive environments for disabled supporters.

Creating family friendly, inclusive environments are high on the agenda in the sports community and disabled access is one of the issues taken very seriously by the EFL. We've had the pleasure of working with them to produce their annual disabled supporters conference and their recent Accessible Supporters Guide.  

Working with the EFL

The Conference

Conferences need to breathe life into the topic, creating an experience that makes you want to get out of bed in a morning. Working closely with the EFL and their partners, we delivered a smooth, efficient event that got people talking. Which included,

The themed workshops we designed were inspired by the TV program Deal or No Deal. Each of the red boxes contained an agenda item for the day with the classic black telephone ringing to signal the end of a session. The theme went down a treat with the delegates as did the live voting. 

Live polls took place within the room gathering real life responses to some of the most commonly asked questions around disability. This included tackling misconceptions about people who have disabilities. With sensitive issues on the agenda our system enabled the audience to answer questions, cast their vote or share an opinion anonymously.

The Conference

The Guide

Both the conference and the guide are designed to show players, officials and staff the challenges of accessing a football match from a disabled supporters perspective.

We created the guide to take the reader on a journey, a step by step guide illustrating the challenges faced by the supporters and the solutions that can be implemented. The guide begins with the marketing and communication of the event, to the day itself and arriving home safely. 

The Guide

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