Our Work

Marketing the Humber



Reflecting growth, change and opportunity in the Humber.

Bondholders, which formerly acted as a support agency to promote Hull are now responsible for the marketing and promotion of the whole of the Humber. The website needed to reflect this change, positioning them as a leading organisation on a national and international platform.

Launch Website


We were asked to create and deliver a new web design for Bondholders that reflected their new vision, ‘Marketing the Humber’. Bondholders wanted to see something that expressed the vibrancy and professionalism of the area.

To do this the site needed to be upgraded and redesigned, creating useful new features for members and visitors alike.

The feedback from Bondholder members has been really positive, many believe the new website will help businesses to work together more easily and that it successfully promotes the amazing opportunities the Humber has to offer. 


We designed the new website to offer greater opportunity for members to connect with one another, pulling the Humber together as an economic region. We designed a modern looking, highly functional website that had added benefits for members and visitors. The design is on trend and mobile responsive making it accessible from anywhere on any device.

Useful Tools & Features

We created new marketing tools for existing members to promote the Humber. This included, an exciting new image library that enables quick access to publications, images, videos and other resources that support members to actively market the Humber.


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