Digital Presentations

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Digital Presentations

Engage and inspire your delegates with professionally designed, fully interactive digital presentations. Let us give your event the boost it deserves, lifting the experience and sparking discussion between you and your guests.

Using voting apps and audience response systems we can integrate real-time Q&A sessions, quizzes and more into your presentations. The audience can interact via voting pads or their mobile phones, anomalously answering questions and interacting with other delegates anywhere in the world! What's more, live polls can be great conversation starters and ice-breakers adding a little fun to your presentation.

We design presentations with the audience in mind spicing them up with video, animation & illustrations. We use Prezzi or PowerPoint depending on the audience, for example Prezzi is useful for creating a dynamic and vibrant presentation and we often use it for a youth audience. PowerPoint is industry standard and used for the majority of professional events and conferences.  

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