Ref... You Havin' A Laugh? Respect Education Pack for The FA with Prezi


The FA wanted to launch an exciting new training workshop for Respect Lead Officers around the country to help improve the relationship between referees, players, coaches and parents. Getting away from traditional 'death by PowerPoint', they wanted a fun, exciting course that really engaged with the audience.   


What we did

We provided a fully integrated training resource, combining our expertise in print, design and interactive presentations. Using Prezi (our favourite presentation tool!) we created a dynamic presentation with bespoke illustrations, video clips and animation. The presentation included a powerful mix of audience participation, group activity and individual quizzes, designed to get everyone involved and make maximum impact!

This was packaged into a niche Respect-branded pack, which contained all of the resources a tutor needs to run a training event. Naturally, we added some nice touches to make the content unique, including red/yellow cards and the presentation on a USB Whistle!


The Results

The training resource has been a huge success and has been used up and down the country in a variety of ways. It has transformed the way Respect is communicated and has significantly improved the way it is dealt with on the touchline. 

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