IOC Online Learning Female Athlete Health Interactive Tool. Personalised e-Learning and LMS-Lite

The Challenge

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) wanted to produce an interactive course around female athlete health, targeted at youth and adult athletes around the world. With some delicate topics to be tackled, a vast target audience spanning many different cultures, it was important that we dealt with the content sensitively. In addition, the IOC wanted to monitor and track the progress of users to measure the effectiveness of the system. With the addition of a multi-lingual approach added into the mix, and the option for guest or registered users, the system needed to be highly personalised and offer the utmost flexibility.


What We Did

With such a diverse audience, we decided to take an innovative approach. We wanted each learner to have their own personalised experience based around their individual needs and background. We developed an ‘Intelligent Entry’ point, which allowed the system to understand the user and then offer content that was relevant to them. We also developed a bespoke, simple, user-friendly ‘Lite-LMS’ to record the user’s progress and capture the data for analysis. By stripping back all of the ‘clutter’ from a traditional LMS, we were able to streamline the learning process and focus much more on the user-experience. Working with sport and health experts from around the world, we created 13 tailored learning modules, covering subjects from Bone Health and Nutrition to Sexual Harassment and Injury Prevention. Using a mix of film, interactive activities and custom illustrations, we transformed the learning into interactive, bite-size chunks. And, as they were built on our custom framework, it meant they were also SCORM-compliant and could be used on any device.


The Results

The course is to be launched at the Winter Youth Olympic Games in Lillehammer, in February 2016, and will be available to a target audience of thousands of athletes and coaches from all over the world: a truly diverse range of people! Early trials have produced very positive feedback from users, and the IOC are very excited about the impact the tool will have in raising awareness in female athletes on so many issues that are vital to their performance levels and general wellbeing.

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