Doncaster Careers Website Design of brand and website for young people in Doncaster


We were asked to create a brand for young people and a website which would meet the local authority’s obligation to provide an impartial resource detailing the opportunities available to 14-19 learners within the Doncaster area.

The site would need to have a searchable list of all providers within the Doncaster area, as well as a list of courses available, . This resource would providing learners with an unbiased view of the opportunities available to them post 16.

What we did

We already had a great product which incorporated this provider and course search functionality. However, the product also included CAP, which Doncaster MBC didn’t need, so we worked to produce the listing and search functionality as a stand-aloneproduct, and our eProspectus was born. We used the providers’ upload portal that already existed on the combined eProspectus and a CAP system to manage the listings, and then gave the site a colourful, learner-friendly design. 


The Results

The site has been a great success, with providers within the Doncaster area being able to access the site and upload their data and courses, and learners being able to search for courses across the whole region.


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