Induction & Onboarding

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Induction & Onboarding

E-Learning provides a high-quality online platform for inductions and on-boarding. Ideal for HR Managers and training departments it offers a forward-thinking, consistent approach to inducting staff, apprentices or volunteers to your organisation.

Using a mixture of illustration, animation, video and interactive quizzes, eLearning provides an engaging induction experience, expressing who you are as a company, where you're going and how they can be part of it. You can choose what to cover but typically induction eLearning is used to explain your company's,

  • core values
  • career pathways,
  • health & safety policies
  • ethos on¬†equality & diversity
  • pensions and payroll

Using eLearning for inductions has many benefits, not only does it save time and provide a fun and flexible way to learn, you can monitor and measure the outcomes. Our courses are designed to be responsive meaning they can be accessed on any device from anywhere and are made completely bespoke to you.

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