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We aim to create courses that give organisations and their employees the confidence and understanding and to create safer more inclusive work environments. Our eLearning courses are designed to enable HR and training managers to easily update changes to policy and compliance and communicate them across multiple sites.

Working with national and global clients we understand the challenges organisations face in keeping up to date with new legislation. Elearning is the perfect tool for compliance training.  It can be used to tackle sensitive and complex topics in a creative and user-friendly way. Using our bespoke or template framework we can deliver training modules on any device, anywhere in the world offering,

  • a consistent approach across multiple sites
  • easily translated content breaking down language or cultural barriers.
  • affordable updates
  • eco-friendly replacement for printed materials
  • measured outcomes- proof of training

Using lifelike simulations and scenarios we make the content universal and easy to relate to. Great examples of this include the work we did with International Olympics Committee and the League Football Education

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