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October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and this year BCUK are hoping to raise more awareness about breast cancer in men. Introducing the ‘Check Ya Pecs’ campaign, designed by our very own team here at First Media.

BCUK came to us following the success of a recent eLearning project we created for them, as they knew we could provide a fun, engaging learning campaign that resonated with people. The main aim was to produce a series of micro-learning assets to share across their social channels, to educate people on a sensitive topic while keeping it light-hearted and interesting.


Around 400 men a year in the UK are diagnosed with breast cancer, and it is often discovered so much later than in women. The main purpose of these lifestyle and prevention videos is to increase awareness of the signs and causes of breast cancer in men. We developed animation, graphics and videos that clearly explain how to ‘Check Your Pecs’, and lifestyle factors to help reduce the risk of men getting breast cancer. These bitesize animations were short, concise and graphic and were created in both long-form and short-form versions to be shared across all social platforms.

Short social, TikTok style learning videos

We also created some TikTok videos for BCUK, explaining the risk factors for men, ways to reduce breast cancer in both men & women. Have you seen them on TikTok yet? Be sure to share them and help spread awareness:



Video Stories

Finally, we were asked to create some incredibly difficult films to tell the story of two men who have breast cancer, and the impact this has on their families. We really wouldn’t wish this disease on anyone, and the emotions of our filming crew certainly hit new levels listening to these two incredibly brave men. We helped to portray their stories in the best possible way, but please do listen to them & Check Your Pecs regularly.

From all of the team at First Media, Check Your Pecs, it may well just save your life.

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