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If you are an eagle-eyed stalker of our social media channels then you may have noticed something strange has happened with our Instagram account. Yes you guessed it, we have had to start from scratch (boo hoo 😥). Instagram decided that we were not the real deal and completely shut our old account down for no reason… has this happened to anyone else at all? 

At least we got a bit of entertainment value through the whole palava though… Shane had to confirm that he was the owner of the account by running his very own photoshoot with Instagram. Backwards and forwards the mug shot was sent, and still they didn’t believe that Shane was the owner of the old account. So after realising that we simply weren’t going to get back into our account, we started again.

So our posts are a little sparse (for now) as we have lost our entire archive of posts from over the years. All of those photos from FM20 and us partying like it was 1999… gone in an instant. But worse things could have happened, and we are using this opportunity to start fresh and show the world exactly what we are made of.

With Learning Tech 2022 just around the corner we have some exciting fresh content to show you all, so why not follow us on our new Instagram page to find out more!

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