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Not only have we been very busy working on some exciting new projects here at First Media, but we are also delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted for TWO Learning Technologies Awards 2021. These awards are a global celebration of outstanding learning technologies, and recognise the commitment, enthusiasm and passion for learning technologies across the world. 

You could say we are pretty chuffed to be shortlisted, particularly when you see the competition that we are up against! Little old First Media from Louth finally getting a chance on the big stage (well we hope, the final round is still to come).

Award Shortlist 1: Excellence In The Design Of Learning Content

The first award that we have been shortlisted for is the ‘Excellence in the design of learning content (public & non-profit sector)’ for the work we carried out for Breast Cancer UK. This award recognises the excellent content that enables highly effective learning in the public or non-profit sector. As well as being judged on the overall design, it was important to demonstrate the contribution made to both learning and performance.

Innovative eLearning

If you haven’t had a look at the Breast Cancer UK case study that we have written, go and have a nosey to find out a bit more. We worked with the charity to develop the Prevention Hub, a tool designed to educate men and women on the topic of breast cancer. This was not your average eLearning platform though, we created innovative modules on our very own bespoke framework. Incorporating a mixture of fun and engaging activities in bite-sized chunks, keeping learners engaged at all times.

The Prevention Hub was a lot more extensive than meets the eye, and includes an interactive quiz, customised action plans and interactive iGuides. Combining all of these together resulted in each learner undergoing a bespoke learning experience, tailored to their responses. The quiz results were also integrated into the CRM eTapestry, allowing Breast Cancer UK to seamlessly market to these learners.

Here is a video testimonial that Breast Cancer UK sent through as part of our award entry:


Award Shortlist 2: Learning Developer Of The Year

The second award, that our very own Rich Pipe has been shortlisted for (see it isn’t just us who think he is a legend) is the Learning Developer of the Year. This is an individual award that recognised the contribution that developers make to the success of learning technologies projects. The award is assessed on consistent high quality and effective development work… which could clearly be seen in the client work that we sent over to support Rich’s entry for this award.

A Bit About Rich

Rich has been a valued, long-standing member of the First Media team for over 10 years now, and if you have worked with us you will know that he is highly involved in all eLearning projects. Not only can he always be relied on to quickly grasp the requirements of our clients, but he is always coming up with innovative ideas to take projects to the next level. We are pretty sure Rich will be requested to sit in on all client meetings moving forward!

We don’t want to grow Rich’s ego but we did have receive some amazing testimonials from our clients to support Rich with this award:

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