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If you are reading this article because you think eLearning needs to be bright, lively and fun, not a drab and monotonous exercise that benefits neither the end user nor the organisation facilitating it… call off the search. You’ve found the eLearning designers you’re looking for!

For more than two decades, First Media have been at the forefront of eLearning design. Back in 1999, we started out by creating CD-ROMs with in-built video clips and interactive animations. Over the years, we have embraced the technological advancements and perfected our craft the same way an artisan baker or master builder does. We’ve learned that impactful eLearning is achieved by following, what you could call, a recipe. In our eyes, there are certain ingredients that quality eLearning requires to make it engaging.

Firstly, gone are the days when it was acceptable for digital learning to be text heavy and monotonous. It needs to be short, sharp and interesting, from start to finish.

Strong visuals such as high-quality photographs also help to break up the flow of the information, while also helping the learning material look visually appealing.

Storytelling through scenarios are a really effective way of bringing topics to life. Video not only looks great, but it’s a brilliant medium for showing real-life situations. While bespoke animation and illustration can explore more abstract situations in a safe learning environment.

Of course, eLearning needs to include a level of interactivity throughout as well. This could be through simple but effective drag and drop quizzes and click reveals to make sure the user is actively participating.

And finally, personalisation and forms of gamification help to immerse the user within their own learning journey and ultimately motivate them to complete it.

The way we’ve described the ‘recipe’ there, makes the process sound incredibly simple. However, the reality is that few can create the kind of eLearning we produce every day. That’s why we have been able to develop longstanding relationships with some of the biggest organisations in the world. Year after year, they come back to us to help them solve their latest digital learning problem. This has allowed us to develop innovative ways of approaching a number of common training topics and trends including onboarding, health and safety, equality and diversity, workforce culture, blended learning and many more. That said, our team are so well drilled at creating engaging eLearning, we’re confident we can do it on any topic. In fact, if we can do it on Anaerobic Digestion and different soil types, we can do it on anything!

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