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First Media can help Uni Connect Programmes hit their targets outlined by the Office of Students (OfS) with our purpose-built and flexible online platform.

After collaborating with LiNCHigher to develop a solution earlier this year, they became the first Uni Connect Programme in the country to launch such a platform. Now First Media are focused on delivering more long-term and sustainable solutions to similar organisations across England.

In this article we will talk through the features of the online platform we can offer and the benefits it can bring to Uni Connect Programmes.

It’s a digital platform to host online learning material

We know that right now – due to the devastating effect of Covid-19 – that it’s important for schools and colleges to have a way of getting their resources out to the thousands of young people in their area.

First Media can provide a purpose-built platform to showcase learning resources uploaded by education providers. With this solution, it doesn’t matter who produces them. They can come from various providers or just one. All the learning material is accessed through a single platform with a single username and password, rather than there being a different one for each provider! Our solution puts the content all in one place, making it much easier for both the students, teachers and administrators.

Also, we know that if you are going to offer online learning materials, you need a way of knowing who’s engaging with the resources and what areas may require improvement. Our platform provides site administrators with all the information they need to be able to measure its effectiveness including feedback and evaluation tools which can be integrated directly into the learning modules. Whatever learning data you want tracking, we can build reports designed to specifically meet your requirements.

And an ‘outreach hub’ to support young people

The OfS have targeted all Uni Connect Programmes to develop a ‘outreach hub’ by summer 2021. These ‘hubs’ need to be online platforms which promote careers, pathways and local opportunities to young people in their region – so they can get important information ahead of making significant life choices in their teenage years.

Funnily enough, the learning platform sits inside our award-winning software called eProspectus which is now being used by 10 Local Authorities around the country and supporting over 100,000 Learners!

In eProspectus, we already have the perfect ecosystem built for the Uni Connect Programmes who require an outreach hub by 2021. It’s been designed to engage with students, careers advisors, schools and colleges, and offers career guidance, pathway information and a way for young people to apply for a place at college. So essentially all the elements of an ‘outreach hub’ are in place for any Uni Connect Programme in any part of England.

We would love to demonstrate how our platform could support you. To arrange an informal chat with us or a full demonstration, either call 01507 607783, email or complete the form below. 

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