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Are you tired of the same old boring webinars, time after time? Don’t worry, First Media are now able to deliver an innovative remote conferencing experience!

The thinking behind the development of First Media Virtual Events was to offer clients a more memorable and professional service than a run-of-the-mill webinar; while Covid-19 continues to put a hold on traditional face-to-face conferences.

Over the last two decades, we became one of the leading providers of audio-visual solutions in the UK’s event and conferencing space. But now our aim is to use all the skills, expertise and experience we’ve acquired to make sure our virtual events always manage to leave a lasting impression on attendees. 

Using the platform Big Marker, our team takes control of the entire event, ensuring it runs smoothly from start to finish. This includes sending out invitations, liaising with speakers and even live technical support during the event itself. Our creative team are also on-hand to produce eye-catching graphics, killer presentations or build a web page for your attendees to go to for additional information.

Here’s a full breakdown of what a First Media virtual event includes:

• Set up event
• Liaise with presenters, attendees and hosts
• Collate and manage presentations
• Design of presentations (Optional)
• Dry-run before event
• Creating backgrounds

• Pre-meeting/additional run through
• Managing and switching between presenters
• Technical support for attendees and presenters
• Monitor Q&A feedback sessions
• Record and providing recording following event

• Record and distribute Webinar
• Survey from attendees
• Create page for attendees to go to

We have already had several international clients sign up for one of our virtual events, including The Norwegian Seafood Council and The North Atlantic Seafood Forum - two of the biggest names in the Scandinavian Fishing industry! Soon we’ll also host hybrid events that combine a webinar with a small and easily manageable in-person event on location. These hybrid events will allow people to come together in a similar way to before Covid-19 but in far smaller groups. Everyone else – including those who live internationally or are required to self-isolate - will be able to take part in the event remotely via a webinar. We are confident that this solution will enable lots of collaboration among attendees, whilst also saving on travel costs and ensuring the social distancing measures are upheld.  

We are eager to speak to any organisation who wants to deliver a virtual conference that’s more than just another webinar. For a chat about what could work best for your next event, call us on 01507 607783, email or complete the form below and someone will be in touch...   

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