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There’s no escaping that we are now in unprecedented times as a society due to the COVID-19 virus.

But what do the effects of the Coronavirus mean to businesses who need to keep delivering training? The UK’s workforce, who are now beginning to adjust to life working from home, still require vital workplace skills.

We think that digital learning could provide a solution to part of the conundrum.

eLearning and webinars are very effective ways for businesses in the training sector to continue delivering skills and information to people, even when the majority of the country’s workforce are having to endure self-isolation. Both methods don’t require a tutor (or students, for that matter) to be in the same room at the same time, they can be conducted remotely and from anywhere in the world.

We recently helped household brand, BOSCH, convert some of their face-to-face training to interactive webinars. We helped them to turn their traditional workshop style induction into an online course using Skype for Business. The course was made up of a series of engaging PowerPoint slides and interactive features. And in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak, it’s we’re expecting to turn more of their face-to-face training into online learning.

Like BOSCH, maybe you can now see the enormous benefits of ‘going digital’ with your training? Although COVID-19 has forced us away from the traditional workplace, if your organisation is set up with eLearning content or a way of conducting a webinar, your virtual classroom needn’t be affected. 

While the world is coming to terms with the effects of Coronavirus, we’re inviting organisations to contact us and ask how we can help them to keep their training requirements going.

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