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You’ve finally interviewed and appointed the right candidate, they accept! Great... now they’re on the team, but what next? They might be on the team but are they onboard?

If they leave after the first day or first few months its a real kick in the teeth, you've wasted time and money (roughly three times their yearly salary) on the recruitment and induction process and now you've got to start all over again! 

Sometimes employees leave quickly for reasons that are completely unavoidable, but a negative first impression shouldn't be one of them! Well designed digital onboarding can help to create a great first impression of your business generating buy-in before their first day!  

1. First impressions count!

A recent survey from Docebo shows that employees are more interested in work-life balance, career development and a sense of belonging than achieving top salaries. So, creating a great first impression and welcoming environment is more critical than ever before.

Digital onboarding helps to achieve this in many ways, it moves you away from bulky manuals and welcome packs, to slick, interactive digital experience's, that can be completed before their first day (pre-boarding). This gives them a great overview of your business and their role within it boosting their knowledge and confidence before starting their new job. 

Our brand induction for SAKS Hair & Beauty covered many important topics for new recruits and was designed to engage them in the ethos of the business. A successful project that was fun to work on!

2. Put yourself in their shoes

Successful eLearning design and digital onboarding start with the learner journey.  You can include things like your company heritage, brand identity and career pathways, to help your new recruits see where you came from, where you're going and how they can be a part of it all.  

Most of the current and future workforce are digitally savvy, having something that looks great, gives short bursts of information and can be completed in their own time is an appealing option. We know from experience that designing content from the learners perspective increases engagement and achieves measurable results. 

3. Keep it social

Onboarding and inductions are social by nature, introductions, meet and greet etc... are still essential. However digital onboarding can take it one step further by integrating online communities such as a WhatsApp or Facebook, enabling your new recruit to get chatting to people before they step foot in the door; a modern icebreaker!

4. Be consistent

Digital onboarding provides a higher quality, consistent approach, which is really beneficial for large and global organisations. Your new recruits will receive a well-rounded introduction to your business which will save valuable time for HR and training managers and reduce the costs of hiring venues, travel, accommodation and more. 

5. Make it Fun!

We understand that some of the content might be of a serious or sensitive nature but that doesn't mean that the learning has to be dull. We use lively, vibrant designs that are packed full of interactive content. We use video, animation, photography, illustration and gamification to keep things moving. We like to spice it up with short quizzes and challenges, which are also a great way for you to see how much your new recruits have learnt about your company. 

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