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Compliance training is a core area for all businesses and covers a range of topics including, workplace safety, equality and diversity, substance abuse and other legal and ethical policies. All too often compliance training is a dreaded event for employee’s and managers alike. For the employee's its a mandatory activity they must endure rather than an enjoyable learning experience that cultivates behavioural change. For HR, training and safety managers the challenge is getting everyone in the same room, at the same time, on the same page...and proving it!

Here's how eLearning is a win-win solution for employees and employers. 

1. Lively, interactive and relevant training

eLearning can make what's often seen as a dull subject, more lively and relevant to individuals within your team. Our eLearning designers bring the content to life with vibrant visuals, real-life scenarios and bite-size modules. We use a range of media including voice recordings and talking-head video’s with real employees and customers to create something people can relate to, making the learning more personal and therefore memorable to your employees. Elements of compliance training are in most of the work we've done, including full courses on equality and diversity for the EFL or Process Safety Management for the University of Hull, and modules on sexual harassment and drug testing for the International Olympics Committee, just to name a few. For all of these projects, we've worked with our customers to create user-friendly courses that offer a light-touch approach to sensitive and serious topics. 

2. Customised for your business 

Using our own custom HTML5 framework we can customise the eLearning design and content to you and your learners. This means we can replicate the way you do things, your company ethos, your drivers for behavioural change, your policies, procedures and much more!

Using intelligent entry points we can take things a step further and push the most relevant content to individual learners, this could be according to their role within the organisation e.g. site manager, SHEQ manager, food technician, engineer etc…making it more relevant and personal, a method proven to increase engagement and improve retention and results. Using Gamification techniques we can create incentives and rewards for completing the modules, in some instances, we can also provide certificates and work with accreditation bodies to accredit your course. 

3. eLearning creates measurable results and data

Compliance data is an important part of your business and audit trail. eLearning makes it easy to record training activities including learner’s participation and results. All stored on an easily accessible dashboard you can analyse and extract the data you need to provide evidence of training or to assess and analyse employees understanding of the subject.

Our framework is SCORM compliant meaning you can easily integrate this into your Learning Management System (LMS).

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