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Sometimes finding the right person for the role can be tough. The time and energy it takes to advertise, sift through countless CV’s and interview can take months.

Sometimes, you recruit someone, and you’re made up, they’re perfect…but then another offer comes through, or worse they simply don’t get the right vibes about the company, ‘it’s not for them, or not what they thought’. That’s lots of wasted time, not to mention money!

Recent research suggests that if new recruits feel a part of something from the start their more likely to stick around, so what if you could get buy-in before even the interview stage?

Microlearning offers an innovative solution. Microlearning, drip feeds short bursts of informative content and can be used to introduce your brand and company values over a period of time.

Microlearning & Recruitment

Microlearning is on the rise, savvy businesses have figured out that by 2025, Millennials will make up 75% of the global workforce. With the average attention span of the Millennial generation being 90 seconds, employers need new and innovative ways of capturing their attention.

Microlearning is perfect for recruitment and inductions, offering short bursts of informative content, which can be delivered using a variety of media including, video, animation, whiteboard explainers and so on… It can be used on social media feeds, websites or sent directly to the recipient.

Drip feeding this type of content as part of your recruitment process projects you as a contemporary company, able to communicate effectively with the future of the workforce, creating buy-in before you even reach the interview stage.

Inductions & Onboarding

Once you’ve recruited the right person, you need to keep the momentum going. ELearning is a fantastic tool for brand induction, company inductions and onboarding. Still taking a microlearning approach you can create a series of short segments that go into more detail about your company, including;

  • History & heritage
  • Company ethos
  • Brand values
  • Career pathways
  • Equality & diversity

We’re experienced in designing and developing bespoke eLearning programmes that inspire new recruits including. Our eLearning is designed with both the brand and the learner in mind, we make it look exciting with vibrant design and plenty of interactive media, but also keep it simple and short, with images, video, scrolling photo’s, click and reveal and much more.

Continued Professional Development

Recent survey’s from Docebo, suggest that employee’s now value, ongoing development and work-life balance more than the level of pay, so it pays to keep your employee’s inspired. eLearning is such a versatile tool, once created for your brand, it can be easily adapted and added to, so think of it as an investment and you will see numerous benefits and returns.

How We Can Help

We’ve been creating eLearning for over 20 years, we’ve moved with the times and have produced high-quality contemporary designs for a range of businesses, from colleges and universities to national and international brands. Our designs really stand out and get noticed and our approach is ahead of the curve.

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