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The #LT19UK was better than ever! packed full of exciting and interesting people. We met with some of our clients and welcomed lots of new visitors to our stand. We had a great day and learnt a lot about what people are looking for from eLearning providers.


1. Users are fed-up of rubbish eLearning and want bangin’ content!

Many of the people we spoke to have tried standard/run of the mill eLearning content and found out the hard way that it doesn’t work, in fact, worse, it turns users off learning.

Most people are looking at how they can produce much higher quality, stand out, punchier eLearning content. They wanted something that would engage their learners in a meaningful way, that makes an impact.

We found that users are much savvier these days, they know what looks good and are soon switched off by poor content.

Having higher quality content also demonstrates how much you value learning, if it looks good and users can see an effort has been made, then you’re going to get much more buy-in.


2. Shorter, snappier content

Shorter, snappier content is the key to creating engagement. Gone are the days of long courses, users want bite-size pieces of micro-learning. This can be a video, animation or bite-size 20 mins of eLearning.

Investing budget, you would have spent on long courses and training days, on short, focussed micro-learning and bite-sized modules can have real long-term benefits.



3. Scroll, scroll, scroll, swipe, swipe, scroll, tap… yay!

Our approach to eLearning is based on best-practice web UX/UI, which is the way users naturally browse the web. They don’t have to learn any new nav, they simply go with their gut instinct, exploring the course in their own way because it’s what they’re familiar with. Also, as you’d expect, this works across all devices, mobile, tablet, desktop, just not your fridge display. Yet!

We’ve been taking this approach for a few years now, but it still amazed us how many people at the show hadn’t seen this approach and were impressed by it.

4. Make new-starters feel special with eLearning Brand Induction

It’s taken 3 months recruiting the right person, you’ve invested lots of time wading through CVs, spent loads with recruitment agencies, you’ve finally interviewed them, and you’ve appointed the right candidate, and they accept… wahoo! Great... now they’re on the team, but what next? How do you get them onboard? What're their first impressions of your organisation? How do you get them thinking YOUR way?



It always surprises me how much time and money is spent on the recruitment stage, but not on the onboarding and induction process. This is where eLearning can really, really benefit your new starter. BEFORE they even sit at a desk.  You can send them a brand induction and get them engaged in the learning and development process.

There was massive interest at the show for this and people were keen to see how we can help them improve the induction and onboarding process, something we’ve had first-hand experience providing for major brands including SAKS Hair & Beauty.

We’ve found that using eLearning as part of the recruitment, induction and onboarding process can be beneficial to both employer and employee, helping your new employee’s feel engaged and inspired from the start.

Ditching the old-fashioned welcome pack and manual training guide for an exciting online equivalent is often a hit with the workforce as well as the many benefits it provides you as the employer including…

  • Improving the quality and consistency of inductions
  • Increasing productivity for HR & Training Managers 
  • Play a key role in improving staff retention
  • Explain brand values and company ethos
  • Demonstrate career pathways and more!


5. Everyone likes sweets… and our exhibition stand!

We got loads of great comments on the exhibition stand, which was designed by none other than our in-house eLearning designer, Rich Pipe. Hopefully, we stood out and you’ll remember us. It also allowed us to showcase our bespoke eLearning content and speak to loads of people about new projects.

Finally, if you’re ever in doubt about what to give away at your next show, then just give them old school sweets… people love them, then digress into when they were a child, riding around on their Raleigh Grifter without a care in the world!


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