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Working with the Local Authorities in the Humber region, we have just relaunched the Area Online Prospectus and Application System. Designed primarily for young people to search and apply for courses in the local area, the system has been developed further to accommodate Apprenticeships and Adults Learners. The portals, Lincs2 in North East Lincolnshire and LogonMoveon in Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire have been fully redesigned with a strong emphasis on UX and providing useful content. Since the relaunch, we've been working on a national level using bespoke systems we've created for colleges and education providers throughout the UK. 

Leaders for Online Prospectus & CAP

The system we’ve created has won awards and recognition for technical innovation. Having worked alongside education for over 20 years our reputation as leading providers for our Online Prospectus & CAP Systems continues to grow. The reason? we've created a system that seamlessly integrates online student applications into Management Information System (MIS) condensing hours of admin time to minutes and processing thousands of student applications online. Not only this but our experience working with young people and local authorities enables us to create bespoke products built with the end-user in mind. 

More About Log On Move On

We re-designed Log On Move On, giving it a facelift and additional functionality. The new navigation picks out key areas of interest for the student, enabling them to find the information they’re looking for quickly and easily and includes…

  • A wish list area and icon which allows prospective students to search and ‘bookmark’ the courses they’re interested in
  • A social wall which highlights all the local events and activities that may be of interest
  • Career pathways
  • Apprenticeships
  • A Level courses
  • Adult learning courses
  • Information for parents
  • And more!

This approach is more holistic, giving the prospective student clear and thorough guide to local opportunities and the career pathways their decisions could lead to. The concept behind this is that it will not only improve the decision-making process for students and their parents but also increase retention for local education and training providers.

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Built with Learners in Mind

Our designs are built with learners and young people in mind. Whether we’re creating a college website, eLearning course or an Online Prospectus, the process always starts with the end user. By thinking of requirements from their point of view we can improve the navigation and UX. Most students and young people have grown up in the digital era, so mobile responsive designs with bold colours, fonts and interactive elements are key. We create easy to navigate designs that include on-point features such as social walls as wells as personal logins, wishlists and more. We understand that young students decisions are often made with their parents, so we usually include a separate area that includes the information they may wish to know. 

Where it All Began

Back in 2007 we created our first Online Prospectus and CAP System. The system was built and adapted to the needs of the client with its own individual name and branding, Log On Move On. Since then we’ve built on the success of the software we developed, improving it for new and loyal customers, making it more adaptable, personalised and contemporary.

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