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The appetite for eLearning is growing year on year as more businesses see the value of what well designed, engaging eLearning can offer their workforce or scholars. A report by Docebo confirms this trend, with predictions that the global market will grow by 11.41%  by 2020 with a market value of over £182 billion by 2023. 

We've seen this first-hand with significant growth in the eLearning projects and enquiries coming through the door. More and more businesses are understanding the benefits of eLearning and the value it can add to their organisation as part of their induction and workplace training strategy including...

  • Attracting and retaining the best talent
  • Offering flexible learning and training solutions
  • Reducing training costs
  • Improving productivity
  • Boosting morale
  • Creating additional income

Saving Time

Once your eLearning course is created, it can be used and re-used by learners at any time from anywhere. In cases where eLearning is used as part of the induction process, it saves HR and Training Managers, valuable time and offers a more consistent, high-quality approach. Where eLearning is used as part of formal training and staff development, the learning can be done outside of working hours, then discussed during one-to-ones or in a classroom environment using the flipped classroom approach.

Saving Money

The savings are often greater for larger organisations, however for smaller businesses and organisations, it can still be a financially astute move. Once created, eLearning can be altered and adapted meaning less, printing costs and because it is a mobile training solution, it can save on travel, venue and accommodation costs for those who conduct training outside of their business premises.

Making Money

Some of our clients have seen niche gaps and a need for quality eLearning in their industry. Some have seen this as an opportunity to create an additional revenue or to break even, educating colleagues and peers, by selling the package on.

Boosting Productivity

With eLearning most of the learning can be completed in the employee’s own time, meaning when they're at work they are focussed on the job. Most good eLearning courses will be built with a dashboard, Training/HR managers can access allowing them to see how well each learner is doing and areas in which they may need more support, meaning the Managers time can be used more effectively.

Staff Engagement & Retention

The report by Docebo found that CPD and flexibility were top of the agenda for Millennials; meaning that the future workforce value the opportunity to continue learning and developing their skills, flexibly whilst working over, other benefits such as pensions and health care.

Here at First Media, we design, bespoke courses that adapt to the learner’s level of understanding, making them highly personalised and more engaging for your employee’s. We’ve also created several induction courses that represent our clients core values and career pathways. Making these prominent, interesting and engaging can lead to a deeper understanding of the business and an employee’s role within it. This understanding can lead to a greater sense of belonging and therefore improve staff retention.

Bespoke or Off the Shelf?

To reap the benefits of truly engaging your team, your eLearning needs to make an impact. Buying off the shelf materials may be the cheaper option but not necessarily the best, depending on your learning goals. Here at First Media we can create beautifully bespoke designs which are personalised, professional and probably more affordable than you think! However, we can also work with templates and customise courses to your requirements.

For more information on what we do and how we can help, please get in touch.

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