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Having worked alongside The FA for several years we aim to support them, finding a fresh approach to annual conferences. Knowing them well we understand their company values which include creating an informal, relaxed and inclusive environment that is replicated on and off the pitch.

For their latest event, The FA Youth League Conference, we created exactly this, an informal coffee shop style conference. Working with the FA and the staff at St Georges we created a laid back, comfortable environment which made the delegates feel relaxed and at ease. As a result, we received compliments about the casual layout and relaxed vibe from organisers and delegates alike,

"I was extremely pleased with the service provided by First Media. The weekend was a great success and they were an essential part of the team that help put on a such a professional and engaging conference. I particularly like the way that they helped develop ideas for the conference structure, environment and set up. Getting them involved in the planning stages was really useful as they fully understood what we were trying to achieve and were able to "bring to life" the ideas and plans we had."

John Folwell - FA National Manager for Youth Football - FA Youth leagues Conference

Whilst the logistics were a little challenging due to the size of the furniture delivery van! The rest of the conference ran smoothly and was well received by The FA and most importantly their delegates.


We took care of the pre-production including the design, AV and technical support which included a 3D design which enabled the client to visualise the room before we began production. We also took care of the registration process, installed the design and supplied the AV for the main conference and 3 break-out rooms.

A 3D Mockup of the venue using SketchUp

The conference ran over 1.5 days and was designed to be multifunctional, hosting a conference throughout the day and a formal dinner in the evening. Our team were on hand to change the set, adjust the lighting and supply technical and AV support for the duration of the event.

If you’re planning an event why not get in touch, our team are happy to explore new ideas and push the boundaries with fresh and innovative ideas. For more information or for a quick chat please call our Business Development Manager, Ian Hall on 01507 607783.

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